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A free tool to analyze wireless networks

WifiInfoView is a free utility tool that gives users detailed information about all available wireless networks in the vicinity. Designed for Windows, the software monitors each network and comes up with details like router name and model, channel number, MAC address, signal quality, and more. With this data, users can find and connect to a Wi-Fi channel that’s fast and has fewer users. The beginner-friendly application doesn’t require any installation and lets users export all data. 

What is WifiInfoView?

If you’re a Microsoft Windows user, you must be aware of the limited information the OS provides about available Wi-Fi networks. That means, when you’re struggling with slow network speeds, you have no technical information to help you locate and solve the problem. WifiInfoView download is a handy tool that can get you details about all the networks available in your vicinity without much effort.

Once launched, the app runs a comprehensive scan and displays information such as signal quality, frequency band, SSID or network name, channel number, router model, BSS type, and MAC address. With these details at your disposal, you can make a few changes to your network connection and get a stronger and faster signal

Does the app have a simple installation process?

After you complete WifiInfoView download, you don’t need to go through an installation process. Instead, you need to click on the executable file that you have and run the program. Once launched, the app starts to scan all available networks and starts displaying them on the dashboard. These details continue to get refreshed at frequent intervals to ensure you always have the latest information. 

Does WifiInfoView have a simple interface?

WifiInfoView for Windows has a basic interface that may not seem very modern. However, the app does show all details that it finds in a neat tabular format. The app has two panes that divide the screen horizontally. The top panel consists of a list of all available Wi-Fi networks in the area, and the bottom pane shows related information in a hexadecimal numeral system format. 

The app also features various menus that let users make changes to the software. For instance, the app refreshes at an extremely high rate. You can change this by selecting the Update Rate function from the Options menu. Similarly, you can click on the Context menu to generate an HTML report of all the information visible on the app. 

What information does WifiInfoView provide?

As soon as you launch WifiInfoView download, it starts scanning all available wireless networks in the vicinity. It then displays detailed information about each network, including the name and model of the router, PHY type, Wi-Fi signal quality, frequency, RSSI, channel number, company name, speed, network name, and MAC address. 

Apart from showing extensive information, WifiInfoView also has a summary function that groups the data and lets users find connections by signal quality, MAC address, or channel number. This report also shows the date on which the network was detected and the number of times it has been checked. With the help of this, users can easily know when a new network appears in the area. 

While the summarized version of the data is quite useful for beginners, advanced users can get access to far more detailed information collected by WifiInfoView. To do this, the user must click on a particular network, you just start the scan and wait for the hexadecimal information to appear. Moreover, you can change the font of the page and download detailed reports to your PC. 

Can you improve the Wi-Fi signal using WifiInfoView?

When you’re connected to the internet, your network uses a Wi-Fi channel to send and receive data packets. However, when multiple networks use the same channel, you may end up with a lot of interference and a low network signal. Depending on the frequency being used by your router, you have access to a certain number of channels. 

With the help of WifiInfoView download, you can locate a Wi-Fi channel with fewer users and thereby a faster network speed. To do this, all you need to do is launch the app, sort the data by channel option, and identify the channel that is the least cluttered. After that, you can head to the Wi-Fi Settings page and select the channel from the available options. 

Does the app have any system requirements?

WifiInfoView for Windows is a lightweight tool that doesn’t have any specific system requirements. It works well on Windows 7 and above computers and supports both 32- and 64-bit systems. It is also free to download and doesn’t have an installation process. The only drawback to the program is that it doesn’t offer any features that can help fix Wi-Fi signal quality or other similar issues directly from the app. 

Are there any WifiInfoView alternatives?

If you’re looking for a tool that not only analyzes all available wireless networks but also helps you in fixing issues, you should check out NetSpot, a feature-rich free tool for comprehensive Wi-Fi assessment. WiFi Tool - Analyzer & Scanner also provides similar functions and a few additional tools but in a paid bundle. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and InSSIDer are two other scanners that you might like. 

Is WifiInfoView safe?

WifiInfoView is a reliable software program that can help you detect and display extensive information about all available Wi-Fi connections in your vicinity. The primary aim of the app is to help you find a better signal, so you don’t have to suffer through a slow network. The app also features a simple interface with different reports for beginners and advanced users

Once the scanning is complete, WifiInfoView displays several details about each network, including BSS type, MAC address, frequency, channel, signal quality, router name and model, and more. The software continues to refresh frequently to ensure the network list includes all new networks that become active. In addition to this, the app lets you generate HTML reports and is safe to use. 


  • Features a simple interface
  • Shows details of all wireless networks
  • Helps in finding a strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Refreshes information automatically


  • Only provides limited features

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WifiInfoView for PC

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